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My top ten tweets of 2016

So here are my top ten tweets of 2016, ranked by the number of times it was seen on Twitter.

In 10th, 9th, 8th and 7th position are some random tweets of photographs taken in various branches of WHSmith.

These tweets were re-tweeted by the amusing @WHS_Carpet Twitter account. If like me you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, WHSMith was a real high street institution, which though surviving today still seems to have lost its way somewhat.

My 6th most popular tweet was an image comic strip of a Dara O’Briain routine on video games.

I was surprised by how popular the 5th tweet was, which was about some great images from JD Hancock on the Flickr.

A reply to Google was number four.

I was disappointed that NERC did not name their boat BoatyMcBoatface, but I did like how they embraced the whole thing, as I said in my third most popular tweet.

A work tweet was number two…

And my most popular tweet of 2016 was a silly comment for #WednesdayWisdom

Just a friendly reminder….

Just a friendly reminder….

Just a friendly reminder....

Happy New Year.

Via Veronica Belmont on the Twitter.

Get Back to the Future at iTunes, and get Back to the Future II (the one set in 2015) also from iTunes. Don’t forget the third film… Read my review.

Twitter Geo-Visualisations

Some interesting images created by Twitter of all the geo-tagged tweets they have in their database, placing all these locations into a single image.

Visualization: Europe

So each of the “dots” on this image represents a single geo-tagged tweet.

See more of the images on the Flickr.

Via Mashable.

No he wasn’t…

No he wasn't...

One thing that does confuse me now and again or makes me smile, are the search terms that people use, one recent one was:

was simon pegg in 4 weddings and a funaral

My site mainly came up as I had written about Four Weddings and Funeral in my cinematic advent calendar and at the same time there was a record of a tweet I had sent.

The combination meant that the search query, was simon pegg in 4 weddings and a funaral, put my website near the top of the listings on the search engines.

Well in a final moment of clarity, just to note, Simon Pegg was not in Four Weddings and a Funeral, he was considered for the part of Rufus, which eventually went to Rowan Atkinson.

So, Mr Google Maps, what have you done with Plymouth?

So there I was using Google Maps for some driving directions when I noticed that Plymouth was missing…

So, Mr Google Maps, what have you done with Plymouth?

Well not quite Plymouth itself, but the label was! Zoom in and out and it came back.