There are Christmas Markets and then there are Christmas Markets…

Brussels by night - Christmas market tilt-shift

There are Christmas markets and then there are Christmas markets.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed browsing the Christmas market in Birmingham, disappointed I had missed the one in Bath by one day last Christmas.

If you want to be disappointed, then I suggest you visit the Christmas market in Weston-super-Mare.

Don’t expect to see lots of wooden huts selling handmade wooden toys. Nope. Nor are there stalls selling all manger of German delicacies.

There were three stalls.

A hook a duck fairground stall, where instead of ducks, you could hook a santa!

A wooden hut selling German style sausages as well as bacon butties.

A giant inflatable snow globe that you could have your picture taken in.

That was it!

Missed opportunity really, even if there wasn’t German stalls, I wonder if there were local craftspeople and farmers who would be interested in running stalls over the festive period?

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