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Have I Got News for Who

She Said, He Said

She Said, He Said: A Prequel to The Name of the Doctor.

Should be a good episode. It was in the news that the DVDs containing the final episode were sent out three weeks early to some US people. Might need to avoid some spoilers.

The Name of the Doctor – Doctor Who, Complete Series 7

Doctor Who at Christmas

At Christmas we will have Doctor Who and he will be in Victorian London. Here is the prequel.

I’ve always thought that a spin off series based on Madam Vastra (she’s the Silurian (lizard person)) would be very interesting. A period drama with sic-fi overtones, almost steampunk. Certainly not something you see much of on television now.

Here is the trailer for the Christmas episode.

Not sure about the monsters…

Doctor Who: The Snowmen – Doctor Who

Asylum of the Daleks

Asylum of the Daleks

Not long to wait now, 1st September sees the return of Doctor Who.

Asylum of the Daleks – Doctor Who, Complete Series 7

Asylum of the Daleks

Back of a lorry

Amazing these days what you can find on the back of a lorry…

Dalek – Doctor Who, Season 1

Into the Dalek – Doctor Who, Season 8