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Stuff: Top Ten Blog Posts 2016

Across this blog I wrote fifteen posts in 2016. As might not be expected most of the top ten posts that year were from 2016, and I was pleased to see how popular my 1990s photographs of the Bristol Harbourside were.

I visited Legoland in 2013 and felt that it was A bit tired and this was the tenth most popular post, dropping one place from last year.

Also about Legoland Miniland was the ninth post.

The eighth post was about Time travelling by train which was a post on the newly painted GWR High Speed Train in the classic 1970s blue and yellow.

Inter City 125

The seventh popular post was inspired by a newspaper article and talked about the many Changes at the railway station in Weston-super-Mare.

The sixth placed post was from my 2012 series of Cinematic Advent Calendar posts, this one was #07 – The Eagle has Landed. There were quite a few films in the advent calendar that have significant memories over and above the film itself. Queuing for Star Wars was significant for example. With The Eagle has Landed I went to see it at the Aldeburgh cinema with my grandparents.

When I used film, I didn’t take than many photographs, but I did take a fair few of the Bristol Harbourside, so the fifth post was of the Bryan Brothers’ Garage Demolition, Bristol, circa 1999.

Three of the next four posts were similar and all contain photographs from the Bristol Harbourside in the 1990s.

Construction in the Bristol Harbourside

Fourth was this post Bristol Harbourside in the 1990s and third was this one: Bristol Harbourside in the 1990s (second part).

The second most popular post was a comparison of Trenchard Street, Bristol, circa 1970s and the view today.

The most popular post of the year on the Stuff blog was a series of photographs of Bristol Harbourside in the 1990s.

So quite a few posts from 2016 in the 2016 top ten.

…and then some more

Though the Shauns have now left the centre of Bristol, I am still catching up posting my photographs of the ones I managed to capture with my camera.

We were passing by 40. On the Waterfront when I managed to find us a parking place, and over we went to get a photograph.

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

Reminding us of the waterfront with pictures of the docks, this Shaun was very much at home next to the water.

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

This was a very shiny sheep, 46. Shaun Bean was covered in chrome and was next to the Arnolfini.

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

Not sure of the connection with Sean Bean though.

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

Looking very much like Johnny Depp, 45. The Pirate Captain had a tricorne, flintlocks and a cutlass.

45. The Pirate Captain - Shaun the Sheep

He was guarding the M Shed, or was he looking for buried treasure?

45. The Pirate Captain - Shaun the Sheep

Over on the other side of the water, looking rather lonesome was 39. Air Fleece.

39. Air Fleece - Shaun the Sheep

Very much a Red Arrows sheep, bright red and RAF symbols all over.

39. Air Fleece - Shaun the Sheep