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Sorry, 1959?

So there I was shopping in Bristol and popped into BHS and I saw this T-shirt.

I’m sorry, but 1959?

Am I living in a parallel universe or what, as I am pretty sure that the moon landing was in 1969!

Oh and is that a space shuttle too?

Upgraded Curiosity Landing Video

This is not quite the actual video, but a labour of love. Filmmaker Bard Canning took the four frames a second video from NASA and doing some tweaking (well a month’s worth of tweaking) turned it into this high quality video.

Atlantis touchdown!

And that’s it!

The Space Shuttle Atlantis has touched down for the final time, ending 30 years of Shuttle flights.

Atlantis has landed

Atlantis has landed

Atlantis touched down in Florida at 10.57am GMT+1 just before sunrise after a supply mission to the International Space Station. Like the other Shuttles, Atlantis will be retired after undertaking this thirteen day mission.

Atlantis has landed

Atlantis has landed

I remember watching the first shuttle flight and been in awe. For me that was going to be the starting point for future space exploration. Despite everything that is been said by NASA and the US Government, I see the end of the Shuttle as a real slow down in manned space flight and it will take decades to catch up. The “next shuttle” should be ready now, but it won’t be for years if not decades.

The shuttle was an incredible machine, and shuttle launches always impressed me. It will be missed.



The last time….