Lego Bin Lorry

This is a Lego Recycling Lorry from 2011.

Lego Recycling Truck

It has a lot of play features, including the ability to dump the recycling down some country lane illegally. In addition there is a sack truck on the roof, which requires breaking about three health and safety policies to get down and use.

Lego Recycling Truck

There is a lot of orange lego in this model.

Legoland Workshop

Legoland Workshop

This is the onsite workshop at Legoland Windsor where they fix, refresh and make (some of) the models across the site. In the workshop are various broken, old, new and part-completed models. Mainly for Miniland, but also other parts of the park.

The tubes are ventilation tubes, as the Lego models are glued and these tubes take the fumes away.

This cabinet contains a range of models, mainly heads and vehicles.

Legoland Workshop

Note the drawing on the bottom left that was used to help plan the lego model next to it.

Legoland Workshop

You can also see a small Lego version of the Atlantis ride submarine.

First Legoland Park opens in Billund

The first Legoland Park opened in 1968 in Billund in Denmark. I actually went there in the early 1970s, don’t remember too much, but I do recall not going on driving school as I was too young!

This is a news item (Pathe News) about the park.

Model design has obviously got a lot more complex and detailed, but the basics are still there today that were started back in 1968.

Legoland Miniland

One of the fascinating aspects of any visit to Legoland are the models in Miniland. It always impressed me how detailed and authentic the models look as well as they are made with lego bricks.

The models cover most of Europe including Belgium.

Legoland Belgium

The models are very clever and must have taken hours to build and also required a fair bit of planning.

After our visit last year I write a post about how tired the models in Miniland looked, it was nice to see that Legoland has listened 😉 and there was evidence that many of the models were been refreshed or renewed. There was for example a whole new section on France including the Eiffel Tower.

Paris in Lego, including the Eiffel Tower

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