Found this on Google Street View

I am sure most people are aware that Google Street View extends to some theme parks, including Legoland.

Following a recent visit to Legoland I was comparing how it had changed from my recent visit to when the Street View images were taken in 2009 and I found this…

Stig in Legoland

Click the image for a larger version.

Nice little Easter Egg, not sure of the connection though…

The Doors in a Ford Training Film

The Doors provided instrumental backing to a training film for Ford, before recording their first album. Recorded in 1966 and not previously released.

Rather than watch the whole film, just watch the end credits to hear some classic sounds from the Doors (and see their name in the credits).

You can watch the whole film, but remember this was made in 1966 and though focussed on customer service, is rather sexist.

Caracal – Desert Lynx

I am never surprised that you can learn something new. Last week I was at Exmoor Zoo and discovered a large cat, the caracal. I didn’t know such big cats existed.


The caracal (Caracal caracal), also known as the desert lynx, is a wild cat widely distributed across Africa, central Asia, and southwest Asia into India. In 2002, the IUCN listed the caracal as Least Concern, as it is widespread and relatively common. The felid is considered threatened in North Africa, and rare in the central Asian republics and India.

You don’t usually see them in zoos in the UK as they are not considered endangered. They are unusual in their appearance with their large ears.

I am no animal expert, nor even have a real interest, but do think I know what most of the big cats are, well I have used Mac OS X for the last few years. Having never heard of the caracal it makes you realise how diverse our planet is and how much there is to learn about it.

What is it with those glasses Ian?

What were you thinking Ian Hislop with those glasses?

What is it with those glasses Ian Hislop?

I am guessing that back in the 1980s that those kinds of glasses were fashionable…

Ian was a on TV programme talking about Spitting Image.

Timelapse of extending a cruise ship

Impressed with this timelapse video of adding an extension to a cruise ship.

This is one big ship.


Dragon Illusion

I remember printing out this dragon and making the illusion work a fair few years ago, though for some reason the more recent video calls it a T-Rex…

Looking at the original PDF I used, I can see now that it is slightly different. You can also see the dragon originates from 1998.

Download the Dragon PDF


There are Christmas Markets and then there are Christmas Markets…

Christmas Market in Bristol

There are Christmas markets and then there are Christmas markets.

Over the last few years I have enjoyed browsing the Christmas market in Birmingham, disappointed I had missed the one in Bath by one day last Christmas.

If you want to be disappointed, then I suggest you visit the Christmas market in Weston-super-Mare.

Don’t expect to see lots of wooden huts selling handmade wooden toys. Nope. Nor are there stalls selling all manger of German delicacies.

There were three stalls.

A hook a duck fairground stall, where instead of ducks, you could hook a santa!

A wooden hut selling German style sausages as well as bacon butties.

A giant inflatable snow globe that you could have your picture taken in.

That was it!

Missed opportunity really, even if there wasn’t German stalls, I wonder if there were local craftspeople and farmers who would be interested in running stalls over the festive period?