On the seafront

I had a short walk along the seafront at Weston-super-Mare. It was a lovely sunny day.

Oh and the sea was in as well. Beautiful blue skies.

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Zoom Backgrounds of Weston-super-Mare

So if you are looking for some backgrounds for your Zoom and Teams calls, then here are some lovely pictures of the beach and pier at Weston-super-Mare that I have taken over the years.

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Deserted Weston-super-Mare

During my government sanctioned one form of exercise per day we cycled down to the seafront in Weston-super-Mare.

The seafront was deserted. I have seen it empty like this in winter, but not in spring with the sun shining.

There were a few people like us doing our exercise, walking, cycling, running. The odd dog walker as well.

All the attractions, cafes, restaurants and bars were closed.

They could be open for takeaway, but after the kerfuffle before the lockdown with huge queues at the Victorian Cafe and the fish and chip places, the owners made the responsible decision to not open any more and stay closed.

The council closed all their seafront car parks in an additional move to dissuade casual visitors. So in the end the place is deserted with only a few people exercising.

Just to note that I am following government advice during this national emergency and these photographs were taken during my government sanctioned one form of exercise per day.

4. Giggles

One of the aspects of the Gromit hunts are those sculptures that are outside Bristol. This year there are two Gromits down in Weston-super-Mare, one at Puxton Park, the other at the Grand Pier.

4. Giggle is a clown themed Gromit  who you can find at the entrance to the Grand Pier.

4. Giggles

4. Giggles

In a nice touch, the people behind the Grand Pier have placed a Grand Pier background, so when you take photographs of the sculpture you have a ready made background.

4. Giggles

Back in 2015 I attempted to see and photograph all 70 Shaun the Sheeps I managed to get 62. This time I am aiming to get all 67 sculptures.

I have created this page to record all the sculptures we find.

Download the app to find the sculptures.

Weston Grand Pier

Managed to get some photographs of the Pier…

Weston Grand Pier

Weston Grand Pier

Weston Grand Pier

If you know Weston, you will know with a huge tidal range, most of the time the tide is out, far out…