The one with the Lego set…

The one with the Lego set...

After the teaser yesterday, we have the details of the new set from Lego Ideas.

So as well as all the Friends, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, you also get Central Perk’s very own Gunther.

EGO® Ideas 21319 Central Perk

Could you BE anymore excited? Well if you are a fan of Lego and Friends then this set must be a must buy.

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, the legendary American TV sitcom, with this highly collectible LEGO® Ideas 21319 CENTRAL PERK set! This wonderful LEGO recreation of the café TV studio set is packed with authentic details, making it a must-have Friends memorabilia item for fans. The iconic seating area with a couch, armchair and 2 chairs for the friends is removable for easy play. And check out the stage where Phoebe performed her songs on guitar (and where Ross once played his keyboard and everyone except Phoebe thought he was terrible). The 7 new-for-September-2019 LEGO toy minifigures of Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and CENTRAL PERK’s long-suffering manager Gunther each come with accessories to role-play famously hilarious scenes. An ideal Friends-themed gift for your own friends and family who love the TV show, this hot toy is great for play and will grab attention when displayed in any room.

The minifigures each have their own items inspired by the TV series, including Ross’s brick-built keyboard and the following accessory elements: Rachel’s tray and coffee cup, Monica’s muffin, Joey’s pizza box, pizza slice and ‘man bag’, Chandler’s laptop, Phoebe’s guitar and Gunther’s broom.

LEGO® Ideas 21319 Central Perk Box

LEGO® Ideas 21319 Central Perk Box

So will you be buying it?

Nostalgic grocery shopping

St Fagans National Museum of History is an open-air museum in Cardiff chronicling the historical lifestyle, culture, and architecture of the Welsh people.

Gwalia Stores is a retail premises originally built at Ogmore Vale, Glamorgan, in 1880 and relocated to the St Fagans National Museum of History.

The stores closed for business in Ogmore Vale in 1973 and reopened at St Fagans in 1991. Part of the shop is still a retail premises; the rest of the ground floor is set up as it would have been during the 1920s

Photographs taken when we visited in August 2010.

His Dark Materials – the extended trailer

I have to admit I am quite looking forward to the new BBC interpretation of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

The books tell an exciting story that mixes up magic and science.

Northern Lights introduces Lyra, an orphan, who lives in a parallel universe in which science, theology and magic are entwined. Lyra’s search for a kidnapped friend uncovers a sinister plot involving stolen children and turns into a quest to understand a mysterious phenomenon called Dust. In The Subtle Knife she is joined on her journey by Will, a boy who possesses a knife that can cut windows between worlds. As Lyra learns the truth about her parents and her prophesied destiny, the two young people are caught up in a war against celestial powers that ranges across many worlds and leads to a thrilling conclusion in The Amber Spyglass.

I quite enjoyed the film, though it didn’t do well at the box office. Of course the end result was that they didn’t make anymore films. Maybe a TV series will be a better choice in telling the whole story.

It does seem quite similar in look and feel to the film, maybe that was intentional.

Visiting Chepstow Castle in 2009

In 2009 we visited Chepstow Castle which is just over the original Severn Crossing. It was a beautiful sunny day and we really enjoyed walking around and exploring the castle.

Chepstow Castle

Chepstow Castle is the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in Britain.

Chepstow Castle

Construction began in 1067, just after the Norman conquest by the Norman Lord William FitzOsbern.

Chepstow Castle

In the 12th century the castle was used in the conquest of Gwent, the first independent Welsh kingdom to be conquered by the Normans.

Chepstow Castle

By the 16th century its military importance was diminished.

Chepstow Castle

The castle saw action again during the English Civil War, when it was in the front line between Royalist Monmouthshire and Parliamentarian Gloucestershire. It was held by the Royalists and besieged in both 1645 and in 1648, eventually falling to the Parliamentarian forces on 25 May 1648.

Chepstow Castle

Although re-garrisoned during and after the English Civil War, by the 1700s it had fallen into decay.

Chepstow Castle

It has been used for filming TV and films including the Day of the Doctor when David Tennant’s tenth Doctor was “wooing” Queen Elizabeth I.

Chepstow Castle

A treasure of retail ephemeral

Oakham Treasures old groceries and packaging

Most people throw away their packaging (well hopefully today they recycle it) but at Oakham Treasures in North Somerset there is a treasure trove of retail ephemeral showcasing a snapshot of grocery history that would probably otherwise have disappeared.

Oakham Treasures old groceries and packaging

It reminded me if similar displays at the Castle Museum in York.

Oakham Treasures old groceries and packaging

The reconstructed shops at St Fagans near Cardiff also have collections of old grocery packaging.

Oakham Treasures old groceries and packaging

Do we keep todays rubbish for future generations? Will they reminisce over the stuff they use to buy? Will they be shocked at the enormous use of single use plastic? Who is going to be the guardian of today’s unwanted stuff, that will be the exhibits of the museums of tomorrow.

Tiny Bristol

Here’s Bristol in miniature, well kind of….

“Experience the world famous sights and events of Bristol, carefully crafted to give the illusion of smallness!”

Remembering the Bristol Temple Way Flyover

I moved to Bristol in the 1990s and living in Southville and working at Ashley Down meant that driving home I had the fun that was driving over the Temple Way flyover.

I remember the first time I did it, thinking, what is this, is this a real road? I would often decide to drive over it even if it wasn’t quite the best way to get where I was going.

It was never for the faint hearted, though I never heard of a car driving off the side of it.

The flyover was taken down in 1998 as part of road changes in that area.

Demolition of Temple Way Flyover

I believe it was actually sold to another council.

Of course today there are ongoing roadworks in that area in order to improve traffic flows.

View from the Cheesegrater Bridge

The view from Mead Reach Bridge looking towards Valentine Bridge in Bristol.

The view from Mead Reach Bridge looking towards Valentine Bridge in Bristol.

Photograph was taken with an iPhone 8 and then edited in the Snapseed app.

The bridge was closed on September 18th in 2017 after a lorry tried to cross it. After 20 months it was re-opened in May 2019.