Dead and decaying helicopters

Dead and decaying helicopters

One thing I have noticed from afar travelling into and out of Weston-super-Mare are the old helicopters outside the Helicopter Museum. I have been to the museum on a fair few occasions, but these decaying helicopters are not part of the tour and you can’t as a general visitor access them.

Dead and decaying helicopters

On a bike ride the other day, the major roadworks and redevelopment has opened up the old airfield next to the museum, so I was able to get up to the fence to take a few pictures.

Dead and decaying helicopters

I have no idea what the plans are for them, are they just sources of spare parts, or are they awaiting restoration.

One thing that did stand out to me was the BAe Hawker Siddeley Harrier and Rolls-Royce Pegasus Engine Test Rig. As you can see it’s not a helicopter! It’s a pity it’s not on display.

London 1920s, in colour

This film footage of London is from the 1920s.

Shot by an early British pioneer of film named Claude Frisse-Greene, who made a series of films using the colour process his father William – a noted cinematographer – was experimenting with.

Via Klay Anderson

Commuting with my bike

Today for the first time I took my bike with me when I took the train to work. It seemed to work okay, but I still need to get home.

It’s an old bike. Here’s the proof, a photograph of it at Cheltenham Railway Station

My bike

You have entered the Quiet Zone!

What’s the point of the Quiet Zone Carriage?

What’s the point of the Quiet Zone Carriage?

Twice today I have travelled in the Quiet Zone Carriage, first with First Great Western and secondly with CrossCountry. Both times there were people in there listening to their personal stereos really loudly! Though of course for everyone else in the carriage had to put up with the irritating tinny music.

To be honest I would have been annoyed with it, even if it had been a “normal” carriage. One of the reasons I listen to music or radio on the train is often to drown out the tinny music from others. However with respect to other people I don’t listen when I am in the Quiet Zone Carriage, as I know they don’t like it.

Now I would stand up and ask the person to turn it off, however I have no idea where they are sitting in the carriage and from my seat I can’t actually see who it is. Also the noise I would make asking them to turn it off, potential argument, would annoy people even more I think, well it does when I hear it.

The only reason I am in the Quiet Zone Carriage is that though there was no reservation on the seat I was sitting in, someone did have a reservation. Personally I think they caught the wrong train, but it was easy to move and there were free seats in the Quiet Zone Carriage.

Virgin Trains use to have a weird Quiet Zone policy when they ran the franchise (now run by CrossCountry) you couldn’t even use your laptop in the Quiet Zone Carriage. This was just use it, for reading, writing, not listening to music or watching a film. I remember one woman getting very irate I was using it, even though she made significantly more noise shouting at me then I was using the laptop. She got very hot under the collar, so much so, that the guard made an announcement over the tannoy about not using laptops in the Quiet Zone Carriage.

Talking of announcements I am reminded again of Virgin Trains where the buffet person when we were arriving at Birmingham, where he was getting off, he thanked us for been a lovely audience!

The Quiet Zone Carriage only really works if everyone in it respects the rule that it is the Quiet Zone Carriage. Unlike the First Class Carriage the rules aren’t enforced by the guard or ticket inspector; if you don’t have a first class ticket then you can’t sit in the First Class Carriage. Whereas if you aren’t quiet, you can sit in the Quiet Zone Carriage and be noisy.

I have to admit I don’t really see the point of a Quiet Zone Carriage on a really busy train, mainly as trains are very noisy things anyway, lots of engine noise, and announcements. Those within it, even those been quiet, have conversations, chat, tap away at keyboards, breath, drink noisely, snore and so much more.

The question is, with a small four carriage train, can we really afford to have a Quiet Zone, well one that works as it should?

Wonder what happens after you post a parcel?

Wonder what happens after you post a parcel?

Well wonder no more…

What happens when you send something by mail? What happens in between you sending it of and someone else receiving it? What people and processes are involved and how many steps does it take?