British Airways Advert

I do quite like the new British Airways advert, particularly the way that Concorde flies off at the end.

It does make you realise how old Concorde is and how nothing today comes even close to the futuristic look of that aircraft. Of course aircraft don’t need to look futuristic to be futuristic, the new Boeing Dreamliner is a case in point; it looks like a traditional airliner, but the way it is made and constructed is totally different to how airliners have been made. Likewise a lot of technology and work has gone into engine design over the last thirty years, but you wouldn’t notice it by looking at the planes themselves.

A video on the planes themselves.

BA have also released a short video of the “making of” the advert.

As you can imagine there was a fair bit of CGI, however they also did use real planes and real people.