Muscle and Power Cars and Trucks

On Tuesday evening, a bundle of muscle cars and American trucks arrived on the Weston seafront for a “cruise”

Nice looking vehicles, but to be honest I have no idea what they… though I can see this is a US Ford F150 pickup truck.

…and this one is an older Ford pickup truck.

A Ford Popular.

No idea what this one is….

Big gas guzzler…


A Ford hotrod!

A Ford Mustang?

All looked very nice, bright and shiny.

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

Back in the 1990s I visited the Pembrokeshire Motor Museum near Haverfordwest. This was a small museum, but very much a labour of love for the owner.

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

I took those images with my film SLR back then and recently scanned the photographs.

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

In those days, using film, I would conserve the number of shots I would take, as I would ration the 36 frames I had for each film. Whereas with today’s high capacity memory cards, I have been known to shoot hundreds of photographs in a single day.

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

Sadly memory and time, as well as a lack of information on the web, means I have no real idea about which types of cars these are. Even googling the number plates doesn’t bring up much info.

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

Pembrokeshire Motor Museum

Sadly due to the ill health of the owner, it is currently closed.

15 Classic Cars in Weston-super-Mare

So let’s be frank about this, I really don’t know that much about classic cars, however I have recently thought it would be nice to own an old classic motor.

These photographs were taken at a recent classic car event in Weston-super-Mare, I can guess what some of them are, but please add a comment if you are more confident than me in what they are.

1. 1931 Austin Seven Swallow

2. An American car of some kind… 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air – 938 XUP

3. Who knows, but nice wheels! Chevrolet  – SV 6473


4. 1950s car, Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire – 172 CEV


5. A blue car…


6. Another classic, 1920s or 1930s?


7. A Rolls Royce from the 1970s…


8. Hmmm, 1949 Riley 1.5 Litre – KXN 114


9. Okay, so I know the sun glare doesn’t help… Riley  – RDV 566


10. This one I am pretty confident is a Morris Minor 1000 Traveller.


11. Bodie and Doyle would like this Ford Capri


12. Another American car, calling Dick Tracey, calling Dick Tracey…


13. A wedding car…


14. Willys Jeep


15. Custom BMW Mini.


So can you help me out, please add a comment if you know what some of these cars are.