We’ve seen the teaser, now we have the trailer

After the teaser, we now have the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story.

When I saw the teaser I was impressed with the shiny new Millennium Falcon, however I wasn’t sure about the story, as there wasn’t much to get from the teaser.

The new trailer though does provide a deeper insight into the story and I am now looking forward to seeing the film at the end of May.

I really enjoyed Rogue One and I think Solo has a lot to live up to, to match the quality of that film.

A nice clean new shiny Millennium Falcon

Millenium Falcon

With the release of the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story we get to see an insight to the film which will be released in May.

One frame did strike me and that was the nice clean Millennium Falcon, all shiny and new.

Millennium Falcon interior

Very different to the Falcon we see in The New Hope.

Millennium Falcon interior

Looking forward to the film, how about you?