Mendip Hills

For Christmas I got a National Trust membership. It’s being a few years since I was last a member, but now looking forward to visiting new places and going back to places we have been to before.

Back in 2016 I did start to keep a note of how much we saved with the membership, but looking back over the blog, I never kept up to date with that, but with this membership I am intending to blog about the visits we do this year and the savings we made.

You don’t need a membership though to visit the Mendip Hills. We walked up Crooks Peak, before walking towards Wavering Down, we then walked back to where we had parked the car.

Mendip Hills

Dramatic gorges and ancient woodland rising above the Somerset Levels.

Current saving £169.85

No admission fee

Total saving £0

Cumulative saving £303.65

Membership cost £133.80

Cumulative saving £169.85
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