Osterley Park and House

For Christmas I got a National Trust membership. It’s being a few years since I was last a member, but now looking forward to visiting new places and going back to places we have been to before.

Back in 2016 I did start to keep a note of how much we saved with the membership, but looking back over the blog, I never kept up to date with that, but with this membership I am intending to blog about the visits we do this year and the savings we made.

On my way back from London I stopped at Osterley Park and House for a quick look at the house and a walk in the park.

Osterley Park and House

Osterley Park and House is a Georgian country estate in west London, that straddles the London boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow. Originally dating from the 1570s, the estate contains a number of Grade I and II listed buildings, with the park listed as Grade II*. The main house was remodelled by Robert Adam between 1761 and 1765. The National Trust took charge of Osterley in 1991 and the house and park are open to visitors. The house is a fine example of Georgian architecture, with a grand entrance hall, elegant reception rooms, and a beautiful garden. The park is also worth exploring, with its woodlands, lakes, and formal gardens. Osterley Park and House is a popular tourist destination, and is a great place to learn about Georgian history and culture.

Current saving £110.85

Adult Ticket £14.00

Parking £7.00

Total saving £21.00

Cumulative saving £265.65

Membership cost £133.80

Net cumulative saving £131.85

Never really a home this house was more of a status symbol. Continue reading “Osterley Park and House”