Elementary my dear Watson

I have visited Baker Street for work on a quite a few occasions for work, but on my most recent visit I was quite surprised to see Sherlock Holmes looking down on me quite close to the tube station.

Sherlock Holmes

I’ve not noticed him before, most of the time I am trying to avoid the crowds outside Madam Tussauds. Though I think a more realistic Holmes and Watson would be fun. Though a bit of a fan of Sherlock Holmes books, TV and films, I have never bothered to visit 221b Baker Street, in the main as I believe it is not a real address and is in fact a bank!

More Soggy Shauns

Despite the rain we went hunting Shauns last Sunday. This time we headed to south Bristol and in my previous post we found two by Ashton Gate and the Riverside Garden Centre. It was then onto the South Bristol Swimming Pool in Bedminster to find 50. Shear-lock Holmes.

To be honest though I lived for five years in Bedminster and Southville back in the 1990s, I didn’t realise or know there was a swimming pool here. So this was my first visit, and we weren’t even going swimming.

50. Shear-lock Holmes - Shaun the Sheep

There are some really nice details on this Shaun, I liked the pictorial links to Sherlock Holmes, the violin, the pipes and the London themes that are all over the sheep. Very cleverly done.

50. Shear-lock Holmes - Shaun the Sheep

I did like Shear-lock Holmes, though not entirely sure about the connection with swimming? Sometimes the Shauns seem very much linked to the sponsor or their location, such as 47. Championsheep, however this one, no idea what the link is.

50. Shear-lock Holmes - Shaun the Sheep

Over in North Street is the bright orange 48. Jasmine.

48. Jasmine - Shaun the Sheep

Like some other Shauns this one is in quite a quiet remote part of Bristol.

48. Jasmine - Shaun the Sheep

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