14. The Wensleydale Kid

Walking up the steep slopes to the Clifton Observatory you can find 14. The Wensleydale Kid.

14. The Wensleydale Kid

Complete with hat, this cowboy themed Wallace looks a lot like Woody from Toy Story.

I like the description from the sculpture page which is all old west in style.

Howdy, y’all, and welcome to Bristol’s very own slice of the Wild West, sponsored by Darcy Associates. Painted by artist Paula Bowles, you can bet ‘The Wensleydale Kid’ is decked out in the whole wrangling kit and caboodle. Cowboy hat? Check. Cowboy boots? Check. Bandana? Check. Horse? Erm… looks like a park bench will have to do for now! Yee-haw! So pony-up and skedaddle over to Clifton Observatory to meet this buckaroo! Giddy’up!

14. The Wensleydale Kid

Back in 2015 I attempted to see and photograph all 70 Shaun the Sheeps I managed to get 62. This time I am aiming to get all 67 sculptures. I have created this page to record all the sculptures we find. Download the app to find the sculptures.

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