…and then we added some more!

Over the weekend, taking advantage of the good weather we went for a picnic on the Downs in Bristol. As well as having some nice food and fun in the sun, we also took the opportunity to hunt down some more of the Shaun the Sheeps dotted across the city.

The first one was quite a challenge to find, as we stopped the car on our way to the Downs on Canford Lane. We didn’t find the Shaun at first, but after seeing that the Shaun was at 25 Canford Lane, we realised we needed to go further down the road. This we did and we found number 13. Bristol Beauty.

13. Bristol Beauty

This was simplistic Shaun, pink and blue and covered in Bristol place names. his one was outside the C J Hole estate agents up in Westbury on Trym, a bizarre location we thought at first until we realised that this Shaun had been sponsored by C J Hole.

We drove past 12. Bumble and didn’t stop as we were driving along a busy road, but parked in the Downs intending to walk back Bumble, but we didn’t, so we walked the other way across the Downs to 10. Ram-ble.

10. Ram-ble

Very bright green, this Shaun was very easy to spot from across the Downs, it was also surrounded by people, like us, taking photographs.

10. Ram-ble

The next Shaun was a little challenging to find, as it was hidden away in the entrance drive to the University of Bristol’s Botanical Gardens. 11. Shaun of the Jungle.

11. Shaun of the Jungle

Beautifully painted, lots of lovely detail and hidden in the shade, this is one Shaun well worth finding and taking the time to view.

11. Shaun of the Jungle

If you are finding this one, be aware (at weekends at least) there is parking within the Botanical Gardens site, so you can safely drive in, park, take your photographs, check off the app, make a donation to the gardens. We chatted with the volunteer by the Shaun and made the decision that we would make a return visit one day to view the gardens.

After a picnic on the Downs and an explore, we started driving over to Clifton village where there are six, we stopped on the way to get a picture of 9. Tutti Frutti.

9. Tutti Frutti

This was a bizarre looking Shaun, almost zombie’sque in appearance with those tomatoes for eyes. Clever combination of painting of fruit and vegetables. This was a very busy street, so only time for a quick view, a quick photo and a quick sales pitch from the staff at the Kitchens Cookshop, which did sponsor this Shaun and of course where the Shaun is located.

Getting back into the car, we headed off to Clifton Village to find those Shauns on the Brunel Trial, but that’s another story…

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