Cars on Marine Parade

So let’s be frank about this, I really don’t know that much about classic cars, however I have thought in the past it would be nice to own an old classic motor.

These photographs were taken at a car event in Weston-super-Mare today, I can guess what some of them are, but please add a comment if you are more confident than me in what they are (and correct me if I got it wrong as well).

1. Dodge ?

2. Pontiac?

3. Pontiac Firebird

4. Ford Consul

5. Vauxhall

6. Mini Clubman

7. Mini Pickup

8. Jaguar

9. ?

10. ?

11. ?

12. MG

13. ?

14. Morris Minor Police Car

15. Triumph Herald

16. Volkswagen Beetle

17. ?

18. Ford Torino “Starsky and Hutch”

19. Hot Rod ??

More photographs of classic cars.

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