For Christmas I got a National Trust membership. It’s being a few years since I was last a member, but now looking forward to visiting new places and going back to places we have been to before.

Back in 2016 I did start to keep a note of how much we saved with the membership, but looking back over the blog, I never kept up to date with that, but with this membership I am intending to blog about the visits we do this year and the savings we made.


Red brick manor set in the Chiltern Hills. Former home to Benjamin Disraeli and a secret World War Two operation.

Current saving £38.35

One adult £14.00

Parking free

Total saving £14.00

Cumulative saving £186.15

Membership cost £133.80

Net cumulative saving £52.35

After parking at the top of the hill, you walk through a wood, past the stables (where the cafe and shop are) and find yourself at the house.


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