Kitchen Sink Drama

kitchen sink
Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

Sometimes it’s the little things, the unimportant things that get to you.

Sometimes it’s the things you don’t understand that get to you.

I assume most people have a kitchen sink at home. It’s a thing that most if not all kitchens have.

I don’t know how you use yours, but I use my for doing the washing up in.

Now in our office we also have sinks in the kitchen areas.

Though they may look similar, they are not the same. 

The reason they are not the same, is that the kitchen areas in the  office are not the same as your kitchen.

Lots of people use it. In fact a lot more people use the kitchen areas then use your home kitchen.

So, why, oh why, do people working in the offices decide that the best thing they can do with their dirty dishes or dirty lunch boxed, is to leave them in the sink unwashed?

Why do they do that?

Don’t they realise that other people work in the office and may want to wash their dishes. 

You might do that at home, but that is your home, this is our office.

There is nothing more annoying then getting to the sink to wash up your stuff and find that people have left dirty stuff in there.

Actually there are a lot more things which are annoying, but bear with me please.

We even have dishwashers in the offices, which may surprise you, can be used for washing dishes and so you don’t even need to use the sink.

So, please let me rant, and ask you ever so nicely, please either wash up your dishes straight away, put them in the dishwasher racks, or (if push comes to shove) leave them on the side. 

Please leave the sink free for others to use.

I will now go and lie down.

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