This new series starring Jason Isaacs, Awake, looks interesting. It premieres on the 1st March, but here is the first seven minutes…

It has echoes of Life on Mars but set in the present day. Not sure about the American accent either…

So is this a dream?

Awake, Season 1 – Awake

Finding my way to Olympia

I usually really dislike going to Olympia as it is such a pain to get to. In the past I would, after arriving at Paddington, catch the District line to Earls Court, then wait an age for the tube to Olympia. Returning, there would usually be a bit of wait for a tube back to Earls Course (every 30 minutes) and then at Earls Course wait for the “right” train that would go to Paddington. The pain was the waiting, so what is only a 2 mile distance could take an hour or more to travel, probably quicker to walk!

Notting Hill GateThis time, going to Learning Without Frontiers I decided to try a different approach. I took the District/Circle line to Notting Hill Gate, then the Central Line to Shephard’s Bush before crossing the road and catching the Overground to Olympia.

I was expecting a similar nightmare, but both my outgoing and return journeys were smooth, quick and not too much waiting. So the next time I have to make that trip to Olympia I will be taking the Overground.

Things I never had…

I never had Scalextric when I was young.

We don’t even have it in the house now, even with two small boys, they wanted model railways and trains…

I am kind of glad I never got Scalextric as it is obvious (now I am older) that the only way to use Scalextric was to find a constant speed that ensured the car went around the track without falling off and keep doing that, whilst your competitor in an attempt to beat you, would more than likely fall off the track and so you would eventually win!

If I had got Scalextric then I am sure I may have asked to have these trucks, as I do remember thinking how great they were when I was little…

Racing trucks, no I would have also wanted a police car too….

I will never get Scalextric now, as my memory of wanting it, I know will be ruined by actually playing with it… so I shall just be nostalgic and think about what I missed and never fulfil a dream that would have never come true.

I don’t think I am allowed to call them toy trains

Yesterday myself and the family attended the Weston-super-Mare Model Railway Show.

Lots of model trains (don’t think I am allowed to call them toy trains) and some very nice scenic layouts. The children loved to watch and spent ages watching the trains go by. Though I thought there was not enough for them to engage with (in other words have a go moving the trains).