Televisual Advent Calendar #13 – Stranger Things

“You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.”

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This is my 2019 Televisual Advent Calendar. I did a musical version in 2011 and a cinematic one in 2012. It is in no particular order and I make no apologies for the TV series that I am blogging about. These TV series have either made me think, I have enjoyed or have had some impact on me. These are scripted TV series, some are drama, some are comedy, some are both. I found it really hard to narrow this down to just 24.

There must be something about series set in the 1980s, as yesterday I posted about The Americans, which is set in the 1980s and in today’s post I am talking about the Netflix series Stranger Things. I really like the 1980s vibe in the series, from the pop culture references of the time, the clothing, the games, the vehicles and just the whole atmospheric aspects of the series.

Stranger Things

The concept and background reminded me of Steven Spielberg’s Super 8 film from 2011, as well as ET,  but it’s not about aliens landing as that film was. There have been three seasons of Stranger Things and I have enjoyed all three seasons. Without giving away spoilers, each of the different seasons has a particular plot which are all linked in someway. I have to say that there were certain aspects that confused me and I think a second viewing will certainly help.

There are some great characters and these are portrayed outstandingly by some young talented actors. They are believable in what is quite a weird world, but they believe in their friends and are willing to do what is required to help them. There are some quite big names for the adult characters and Winona Ryder is excellent.

This is one of those series that is starting to define what Netflix is about, this was premiered on Netflix and has gained a somewhat of a cult following. You have an idea of how popular something is today, by the availability of merchandise. As well as the traditional cult TV things you would expect, there is also a Lego set!

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Not that long ago, a series would be broadcast on mainstream terrestrial television, and then after a few years would appear on a streaming service such as Netflix. Today we are seeing many more series which are made just for Netflix, and you see them first on Netflix. Stranger Things is certainly one of those series that makes me continue to subscribe to Netflix.

Stranger Things

Overall it is an atmospheric series, which will benefit from repeated viewings. There will be a fourth season, but I have no idea where they will be going with it, which I think is one of the things I like about the series.

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