The Low Lighthouse

It’s been a while since I last went to Burnham-on-Sea. We walked along the seafront before walking on the beach itself towards the Low Lighthouse.

Burnham-on-Sea was busier than I thought it might be, but the weather was lovely for September.

We walked along the seafront, past the short pier, it’s so short!

Having reached the end of the promenade we walked down onto the beach and started walking on the sand. On the beach we could see the Low Lighthouse. The Low Lighthouse is one of three lighthouses in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, England and the only one which is still active. It is a Grade II listed building and stands on the foreshore.

First lit in 1832, the Low Lighthouse was run in conjunction with the onshore High Lighthouse for then next 137 years. Following improvements to the High Light, the Low Light was then deactivated in 1969; but it was then re-established in 1993 (when the High Lighthouse lights were permanently discontinued). The Low Lighthouse has long been known as ‘the Lighthouse on Legs’.

It was a lovely walk, in the sun and on the beach. In the end we had to turn around and walk back otherwise we would run out of time on our parking.

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