Sunny Oxford

I took the time to take some photographs on a visit to Oxford. I had a presentation to give at a recent meeting which was taking place in Oxford. The weather was beautiful and as it was relatively early the roads and pavements were not as crowded with tourists as they can be.

Walking in from St Clements Street by The Plain I walked down the High Street across Magdalen Bridge, taking a photograph of the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse.

Magdalen Bridge Boathouse

There were already quite a few people waiting to hire out punts and boats.

The crenellations of Magdalen College looked impressive in the sun.

Magdalen College

My meeting was taking place in the Oxford University Examination Schools, however Apple Maps on the iPhone took me down Merton Street to the back entrance, however I was lucky enough to be able to sneak in, and make my meeting.

Merton Street

I took the slightly longer route back to the car, as I wanted a quick nostalgic visit to the Covered Market. All Souls College looked rather magnificent in the sun.

All Souls College

Hiding behind the tree on the high street is All Saints Church which is now the Library of Lincoln College. In 1971, All Saints Church was declared redundant and the City Church moved to St Michael at the North Gate. All Saints was thus deconsecrated and offered to Lincoln College, located immediately to the north of the church. Since 1975, after conversion, the building has been Lincoln College’s library.

Library of Lincoln College

With any city the side street often offer interesting buildings and architecture. Oxford has a range of these side streets of which King Edward Street is just one.

King Edward Street

Another view of Magdalen College, it is one of the wealthiest colleges in Oxford.

Magdalen College

Magdalen College

Looking the other way on Magdalen Bridge there were a range of punts, I expect in the summer holidays and weekends these will be heavily used.

Magdalen Bridge

The Plain includes a small but prominent building facing Magdalen Bridge, Victoria Fountain. The fountain is protected by a roof on stone columns. On top is a small clock tower. The fountain was a gift to the city by G. Herbert Morrell.

Victoria Fountain

Though it was a quick visit to Oxford it was nice to be back.

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