Walking around the West Wing

What’s next?

President Bartlett

The West Wing is one of my favourite TV shows. It was in my Televisual Advent Calendar.

Even though it is now twenty five years since the pilot was broadcast, I still enjoy watching it again.

One aspect that The West Wing was infamous for, was the walk and talk. This started off in the very first episode with Leo McGarry (the wonderful John Spencer) walking around the West Wing of the Whitehouse.

Recently watching a few episodes and I was intrigued about the layout of the set of the West Wing. They often appear to be taking the long way round the set when walking from one office to another.

I was pleased to see this video from The West Wing Weekly which shows not just the floor plan of the West Wing, but also has the video of Leo McGarry walking around and meeting all the lead characters. He even goes into the Oval Office, even though the President isn’t in the room.

You can see how the different rooms are connected to the corridors and to each other.

It was an amazing set and the physicality of the set made the whole place feel real.

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