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Elementary my dear Watson

I have visited Baker Street for work on a quite a few occasions for work, but on my most recent visit I was quite surprised to see Sherlock Holmes looking down on me quite close to the tube station.

Sherlock Holmes

I’ve not noticed him before, most of the time I am trying to avoid the crowds outside Madam Tussauds. Though I think a more realistic Holmes and Watson would be fun. Though a bit of a fan of Sherlock Holmes books, TV and films, I have never bothered to visit 221b Baker Street, in the main as I believe it is not a real address and is in fact a bank!

Impressive SFX

Really impressed with the special effects that were used in Ripper Street recently. This video shows how footage of real trains was incorportated with digital scenes to create trains running (and crashing) in Victorian London.

Ripper Street trains Breakdown from Screen Scene on Vimeo.

What is it with those glasses Ian?

What were you thinking Ian Hislop with those glasses?

What is it with those glasses Ian Hislop?

I am guessing that back in the 1980s that those kinds of glasses were fashionable…

Ian was a on TV programme talking about Spitting Image.

Have I Got News for Who

She Said, He Said

She Said, He Said: A Prequel to The Name of the Doctor.

Should be a good episode. It was in the news that the DVDs containing the final episode were sent out three weeks early to some US people. Might need to avoid some spoilers.

The Name of the Doctor – Doctor Who, Complete Series 7