My top ten tweets of 2022

Last year I posted my top ten tweets for 2021 and I did the same in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. It was interesting to see which tweets of mine were popular.

So looking back first…

The top tweet back in 2016 was this one for #WednesdayWisdom

Whilst top tweet for 2017 was this one from the 2017 ALT Conference and it was my sketchnote of Bonnie Stewart’s keynote on openness.

The top tweet back in 2018 was this one about the newly revamped WHSmith at Bristol Temple Meads complete with storage cage!

The most popular tweet of 2019 was this one about keeping the old Twitter.

Alas the hack didn’t last too long so we have to use the new Twitter, though not so new now.

In 2020, the most popular tweet was this one, with me reminiscing when WHSmith in Bristol went all Dexter.

My most popular tweet of 2021 was this replying to another post about empty shelves.

Okay back to the last twelve months, here are my top ten ten tweets of 2022 in reverse order.

At number ten was a tweet from #altc22 about dual mode teaching.

Generally these days tweets at conferences get very little traction, this one though got more than most

Ninth most popular tweet was from March when I caught the train to work and posted a photograph of the GWR HST train.

At number eight was a tweet from another conference, this time Jisc’s #Digifest22 and was a link to Audrey Watters transcript of her keynote from the conference.

Seventh was a tweet about my breakfast. Of course people only ever post pictures of their breakfast on the Twitter.

At number six was a tweet about the sketch note I did at the #altc22 conference.

Fifth was a Wordle post. I think this one got views as I use to reply with my Wordle scores to a single thread.

At number four was a link to a news item about the government rhetoric on online learning and how it was bad.

Third most popular tweet was a link to Dave Foord’s post on switching back to Moodle.

Second was another conference tweet, this time from Jisc’s online #ConnectMore22 when I posted a question from the conference to the Twitter.

My most popular tweet of 2022 was this one. Why was this one so popular, three times more popular than the tweet in second place. Well I did tag it #paella. The end result was a load of Spaniards piling in complaining about that this wasn’t paella.

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