Things I still never had…

Scrolling through the Twitter I came across this post from UK Vintage Catalogues from the Scalextric in 1963.

It reminded me of a post I had written on this blog about Scalextric, I thought I had written it a few years ago, no it was back in 2012.

I was being slightly nostalgic about the wonders of Scalextric.

I never had Scalextric when I was young.

We don’t even have it in the house now, even with two small boys, they wanted model railways and trains…

I am kind of glad I never got Scalextric as it is obvious (now I am older) that the only way to use Scalextric was to find a constant speed that ensured the car went around the track without falling off and keep doing that, whilst your competitor in an attempt to beat you, would more than likely fall off the track and so you would eventually win!

Though I am too young for this 1963 catalogue, I do remember seeing bridges in the Scalextric catalgoies of the 1980s.

Scalextric Bridges

I do remember once playing Scalextric at a cousin’s house and they had the hump backed bridge.

The memory was that it was really fun.

I will never get Scalextric now, as my memory of wanting it, I know will be ruined by actually playing with it… so I shall just be nostalgic and think about what I missed and never fulfil a dream that would have never come true.


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