Trenchard Street, Bristol, circa 1970s

We have been going through some old papers recently and we found the following photographs of Trenchard Street and Lodge Street in Bristol. I have taken screen grabs from Google Street View of a more recent view.

This is the view looking down Trenchard Street towards the corner with Lodge Street. The buildings seem to be rather dilapidated with boarded up doors and windows. The render is peeling off the walls. Only the modern streetlamp and double yellow lines betray that this is quite a modern photograph.

Trenchard Street Bristol

More recently the buildings seem to have been refurbished, new doors, new windows, more glass, though sadly still some graffiti.


This is the view in the other direction says a similar story, the peeling render looks even worse from this view.

Trenchard Street Bristol

Today the view shows a cleaner, tidier look. There is new pavement, but we still have double yellow lines!

Trenchard Street Bristol

Similar to the Trenchard Street images, this view of Lodge Street has the buildings with peeling render, boarded up and bricked up doors and windows. In the foreground is a sign to Garage Parking and a Hertz Rent A Car dealership. There is a Ford Granada which betrays the age of the image (as do the flairs).

Lodge Street Bristol

When I saw this photograph of Lodge Street I had no idea where this was in Bristol. It became obvious that part of the reason is the trees which now block that view.

Lodge Street Bristol

I do like comparing old and new and it’s interesting to see what has changed and what hasn’t.

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  1. Does anyone have a photo of the Morning Star, Trenchard Street, Bristol, pre-it’s demolishing in 1970s? My Gt grandparents were landlords there in 1990-93. I found a photo once but it’s no longer there.?

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