Gromit Unleashed 2

So 2018 sees another trail featuring Aardman’s characters from Wallace and Gromit.

In Gromit Unleashed 2 Nick Park’s Academy Award®-winning character Gromit has returned to Bristol for his second starring role in the award-winning charity’s sculpture trails, but this time he’s not alone; the loveable pooch is joined by his pal Wallace and arch nemesis Feathers McGraw! The criminal mastermind penguin is on the loose again and the dynamic duo is out to track him down! Gromit is raring to go, but Wallace can’t resist having a nice sit down to soak up the scenery, and enjoy a lovely cup of tea at every opportunity. The trail features over 60 giant sculptures designed by high-profile artists, designers, innovators and local talent. Sculptures are positioned in high footfall and iconic locations around Bristol and the surrounding area, perfect for a family day out around the city and beyond.

I have captured a couple, but am planning to capture them all.

In the galleries is 35. Caractacus Paws, which sees Gromit riding his version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

9. Caractacus Paws

In Quakers Friar is 37. Fromage McGraw we see the cheeky penguin masquerading as a cheesy chicken.

22. Fromage McGraw

Back in 2015 I attempted to see and photograph all 70 Shaun the Sheeps I managed to get 62. This time I am aiming to get all 67 sculptures.

I have created this page to record all the sculptures we find.

Download the app to find the sculptures.

Street Art

Now I am no expert in this area, nor do I really like random graffiti being sprayed onto buildings, however across Bristol is some really nice street art appearing on the sides of buildings or on building site hoardings.

On a recent stroll around Bristol I found these two pieces which I really like.

Street Art

Street Art

Ten amazing sand sculptures

Here are ten of my favourite sculptures from this year’s Sand Sculptures at Weston-super-Mare. This year’s theme was “when I grow up…” and there was a range of sculptures that were inspired by this theme. Click the image for larger versions.

So who wanted to be a firefighter when they grew up? So there are the fires, the hoses and the water.


If I found these surgeons looking over me, just about to go under a general anaesthetic, I would be feeling rather scared. These are rather freaky.


Now who wants to go to the moon? Astronauts are often a childhood dream. This sculpture was really tall and I was impressed with the height of the thing, and the nice details, like the chimpanzee looking out of the window of the rocket.


A rather depressed farmer looks after his crops and a sullen cow. Maybe its’ the sand, but he does look sad. The sculpture was rather flat, and it was quite effective.


No this wasn’t about someone growing up to be a Pharaoh or even an Egyptian god, no this was about growing up to be an archaeologist, you can see the little figures in the sand.


I think this was a vet, or someone wanting to be a mad scientist growing over sized dogs.


Lots of young people want to be professional footballers.


Tut, tut, construction worker stereotype!


This was just plain freaky! No idea what it was supposed to represent.


Yes, we can all grow up to be superman! To infinity and beyond… oh wait!


I am always impressed with the quality and the ideas of the sculptures.

“The Old New World”

Wonderfully clever photo based animation of American from the early 20th Century.

Each image required the creator to remove the moving and static elements to create a 3D model for the animations. Once completed, he began the second stage: creation of full computer graphics of various animals, people, vehicles, and other relevant details.

Lovely stuff

Better than a bear wall

I did quite like this Bankey’esque street art on the side of the wall of the Bare Grills restaurent in Weston-super-Mare.

Better than a bear wall

Though the claws on the bear prints are a bit worrying!

…and then some more

Though the Shauns have now left the centre of Bristol, I am still catching up posting my photographs of the ones I managed to capture with my camera.

We were passing by 40. On the Waterfront when I managed to find us a parking place, and over we went to get a photograph.

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

Reminding us of the waterfront with pictures of the docks, this Shaun was very much at home next to the water.

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

40. On the Waterfront - Shaun the Sheep

This was a very shiny sheep, 46. Shaun Bean was covered in chrome and was next to the Arnolfini.

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

Not sure of the connection with Sean Bean though.

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

46. Shaun Bean - Shaun the Sheep

Looking very much like Johnny Depp, 45. The Pirate Captain had a tricorne, flintlocks and a cutlass.

45. The Pirate Captain - Shaun the Sheep

He was guarding the M Shed, or was he looking for buried treasure?

45. The Pirate Captain - Shaun the Sheep

Over on the other side of the water, looking rather lonesome was 39. Air Fleece.

39. Air Fleece - Shaun the Sheep

Very much a Red Arrows sheep, bright red and RAF symbols all over.

39. Air Fleece - Shaun the Sheep

The ones that got away…

Out of the 70 Shauns across Bristol we managed to capture 62 of them.

These are the eight we missed. Luckily other people managed to capture them on film.

We did in fact find 12. Bumble but we were driving pass and decided it wasn’t safe to stop and we would go back at some point, we never did.


Over on Henleaze Road was 14. The Tale of Peter Rabbit™ a somewhat scary looking rabbit-sheep hybrid.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The very 1970s looking 15. Groovy Baby!

Groovy Baby!

We had intended to visit Ashton Court to see 16. Buttercup and 17. Flora but it was pouring with rain on the two days we thought we might have time to do this. So both sheep were missed. Buttercup was in the courtyard next to the cafe.


17. Flora was also at Ashton Court, up by the Golf Club.


32. Sparkles the Unicorn was hiding away on Horfield Common, what stopped us was the sheer amount of traffic around Bristol, on what should have been a quiet day for vehicles.

Sparkles the Unicorn

Looking very tasty is 33. Star Bake next to the Boston Tea Party on the Gloucester Road,

Star Bake

Another one where the amount of traffic contributed to missing them, this time it was 34. Primrose at St Werburgh’s City Farm.


Photographs by Mary Kelly on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 who managed to capture all seventy.

In the end we ran out of time…

Yesterday saw the end of the great Shaun the Sheep hunt.

In the end we managed to find and photograph 62 out of 70.

A combination of weather and traffic in the end stopped us from completing the challenge. Thoiugh we did do it, it wasn’t that much fun to trudge through the rain and the mud finding Shauns. Also we had to go to Bristol to do it, and the M5 was too often a slow moving car park.

Over the next week or so I will post the photographs of the Shauns we did managed to capture.

There is an opportunity to see them all (with the London Shauns) in both Bristol and Covent Garden over September.

They’re everywhere…

Though the Shauns have now left the centre of Bristol, I am still catching up posting my photographs of the ones I managed to capture with my camera.

They seemed to get everywhere, outside the Bus Station was 53. Lamb Chop, a clever Shaun, similar to the diagrams you find in recipe books, but all the “cuts of meat” are named after areas of Bristol.

53. Lamb Chop - Shaun the Sheep

I thought Southveal was clever, as was Westbury on Trymmings.

53. Lamb Chop - Shaun the Sheep

Outside the Children’s Hospital was 52. Maisy and Friends covered in pictures from the Maisy books.

52. Maisy and Friends - Shaun the Sheep

52. Maisy and Friends - Shaun the Sheep

52. Maisy and Friends - Shaun the Sheep

The 62. Honey was next to St Stephen’s Church, and was surrounded by mud.

61. Honey - Shaun the Sheep

It has also started to rain, so a quick photo, which I think could have been better.

61. Honey - Shaun the Sheep