I actually created this image six years ago…

Was a pastiche on the iPod adverts of the time.

How time flies…

The Road

Pleased to see that Apple’s Film of the Week is The Road, so you can rent it for 99p.

The Road is a thrilling and deeply moving tale of survival as a father and his young son journey across a barren, post apocalyptic America. Respectfully adapted from Cormac McCarthy’s hallowed novel, THE ROAD boldly imagines a future in which men are pushed to the worst and the best that they are capable of – a future in which a father and his son are sustained by love.

I’ve not seen the film before and am anticipating watching it. After a few duds for the 99p film of the week this is a much better film choice from Apple.

Rent The Road from the Apple iTunes Store.

Expecto PotterNoMore

Those of you who are fans of that Harry Potter will probably have heard of Pottermore, a site created by J K Rowling to tell more of the back story behind Harry Potter. The site is scheduled to go live in October.

It was possible to get early access and I happened to be in the right place at the right time to get an account.

Today the site went live for early access and though I got in quite early, unfortunately the site has been unable since then to cope with the access and has fallen over…

Teething issues…